Haris Farooq is a Karachi-based freelance Graphic Designer and Communication Consultant with a deep-rooted passion for community-building and storytelling. He also works on various commissioned travel, editorial and other creative assignments. Responsible for every aspect of each and every solution Haris Farooq Design produces, including client services, concept development, strategic planning, UI/UX design, graphic design, art direction, website design and development. I thoroughly enjoy producing creative work and working with other creative people.

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Karachi, Pakistan

Skype: harisfarooqdesign

Call: +92 345 6277588
Email: syedharisfarooq@gmail.com

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Skype: harisfarooqdesign

Call: +971 55 676 4360
Email: syedharisfarooq@gmail.com


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